This world is alive. Every stone, every tree, every bug and bird and river and sea breeze, possessed of a spirit coalesced from that first initial impetus to exist. I wholeheartedly believe this. For what else could the impulse to exist be, if not sentience?

This type of animistic relationship with the world is something we humans have had since the beginning of time. Only recently (relatively speaking) have we moved away from such a worldview, and it seems to me we are the poorer for it.

Some might say we have science now, and therefore no longer need the superstitions of our more primitive past. But to relate to the world in this way is not to refute science, not at all! It is to revere life!

To approach the world as a living being, or ecology of beings, whom we can talk to and befriend, rather than a series of objects to be chopped up and sold, seems to me a far healthier way of relating to life. It is not a question of what is “real”, it is a question of art. To acknowledge the spirit of a thing is to give it respect and reverence, regardless of whether we can measure that spirit in any tangible way.

To view the world in this way leads to a feeling that we are part of this world, and not dropped on top of it. It is a balm for the alienation and disconnect that plagues so many of us. It may even be the shift in perception needed for humanity to step back from the precipice of destruction upon which we find ourselves.

This way of relating to the world has brought me back from the brink of depression, and opens up a feeling of wonder and enchantment that feeds my soul endlessly. Every piece of music, of art, every event and adventure I create, is an offering to this living world, a means of connection, and an invitation to magic. All of the offerings you will find on these pages have saved my life in some way.

May they bring a glimmer of magic to your life as well.

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About Winter

Winter is my longtime collaborator. He makes all my songs better. He fleshes out my ideas, adds beautiful arrangements, and co-produces all of our music. He is a fantastic guitar player, accomplished recording engineer, and wonderful life companion. This page, like my music, would not be complete without him!