As a California Coast native, the sea has always been very dear to me. Since I can remember, she has been my muse and my home. I feel her in my blood and in my breath. Undertow is my way of giving something back to her. 

Undertow is envisioned as a multimedia project; a collection of songs, an art book, a stage show, and as many videos as we can muster into this project, to encourage folks to fall in love with the ocean. 20% of the proceeds of the project will go towards an organization (as yet to be determined) who is helping to restore our imperiled oceans to health. 

I have recently completed Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps training, and will be incorporating what I’ve learned into live shows as part of this project. 

If you would like to be part of the core tribe that makes this happen, follow along as the project develops, and be listed in the credits, I invite you to join me on Patreon. 



Sept. 12-15th in Upper Lake, CA
Hexenfest is our annual music and arts shindig, held at Saratoga Springs in Northern California, where we bring our touring musician friends in to entertain our Cali family. Gorgeous artisans, community workshops, a pool and hot tub, delicious food, and a friendly vibe round out the weekend. Celebrate your witchy wildness in bohemian-gothic style! A great way to close out the summer!